Gifts That Pay You Income

You can make a difference in our never-ending quest to be rid of cancer while earning an income from your gift.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs) are a great way to make a lasting difference for cancer patients while receiving tax-favorable income for you or a loved one. Many supporters like charitable gift annuities because they provide a stream of income and make a significant impact.

Benefits to you include:

  • Payments can be made as you prefer on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.
  • A portion of the payout will be tax-free.
  • You receive an immediate tax receipt for a portion of your gift.
  • Your gift passes to MD Anderson outside of the estate process.
  • You create your legacy and join us in Making Cancer History®.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts provide income for life (or a term of years) for you and loved ones while reducing your taxes and supporting MD Anderson Cancer Center.

By using assets or cash to fund the trust, you could receive income and an income tax credit the year in which you transfer your assets into the trust. Then the trust makes payments to you or your loved ones for life (or a term of years). The remaining portion of the trust, after all payments have been made, comes to MD Anderson.

Benefits to you include:

  • You or your heirs receive income for life.
  • You receive a charitable income tax credit for the charitable portion of the trust.
  • You create your legacy of reducing the devastating effects of cancer.

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